Tuesday 1/27

Getting the word out about your blog, website or another area of your social media presence can make all the difference in the world to a struggling company, but with so many areas of input battling for internet user’s attention, it can be hard to draw in the customers you seek. I have selected a few courses from Hootsuite University’s upper level classes that should help streamline your content creation and strengthen your online community.

SCMD 161: Generating and Sharing Content Effectively

The effective use of content creation and also curation can help you engage with your audience while at the same time let your audience feel engaged with your brand as they soak up the information you provide them with.

Created content is exactly how it sounds, content that is original work of your business that is then posted across your social media pages. It is important that your content is interesting, engaging and educational to your audience but creating content like this can be taxing on your resources. It is important that you strike a balance between content quality and quantity. Too much low-quality content will lower the image of your brand with your audience while less, but higher quality content might not be frequent or captivating enough to drive interest from audience.

Curated content is content relevant to your business that is sourced from other media outlets, that is then reviewed by your team to ensure it properly educates and informs the audience your business is directed at. Curation allows your business to save valuable time while also still putting out great quality content that engages and educates your audience. The types of curated content your company publishes should include articles, infographics, photos and relevant blog posts from around your industry. Aggregation can help to gather high quality content from experts in the field, but you should be careful not to include anything from your direct competitors.

SCMD 162: Growing Your Online Community

An online community is a group of people rallying around a shared, common interest. It is important for businesses to recognize their community, and engage with them so that they foster a strong presence within that community. Individuals within a community include followers, customers, influencers and competing businesses.

Listening to your community can provide insight on to how your company is viewed, and to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your products. Communities can also help you when working on a new product as you can poll or directly ask members questions about the features they would like to see implemented by your company. This helps the community to feel like they contributed to the overall product design. A strong community will also help to save you time and effort by the presence of informed customers or community members, who can answer a question or concern for you, reducing the amount of resources spent on the community. Although it is still crucial to monitor and listen to your community.