Tuesday 2/17 Search Engine Optimization

Now at this point in the digital marketing journey, your website should be performing quite nicely. Your social media efforts are attracting new customers and your landing pages are converting them into leads, while your ongoing email marketing allows you to foster long lasting relationships, and convert those customers into repeat customers. But this is not enough for your now-expanding business; there are always opportunities you might not be realizing.

One area where you should be focusing a great amount of attention towards is Search Engine Optimization. Sure you may already be optimized for people who know they are looking for your business, but there is always the opportunity to inform a new audience to your product or service, especially to someone who doesn’t know they need it. SEO allows you to inform the internet audience that you provide a solution to their problem, that they might not have considered until it showed up in their search results.

One way this can be accomplished is by incorporating a few of these SEO tips:


  • Don’t create your webpages with the search engine in mind, create it for your customers so that what is presented by your webpage, is the same as what the search engine sees.
  • Make every page on your site reachable by at least one static link
  • Make sure that pages are written in a way that clearly and accurately describes your content. Ensure your title and ALT elements are descriptive and accurate in order to create an information-rich site.
  • Use keywords to make your URL’s more descriptive and human-friendly.


  • Use a URL structure that is clean yet keyword-rich.
  • Don’t bury content within rich media such as Flash or Java
  • Produce fresh content regularly and match keywords to what people search for.
  • Don’t hide indexable text within images, such as text for an address instead of a logo.