3/12 What I can do for you as your digital marketer

Well, here we are, the last blog of digimark 3.1. This quarter went by so freaking fast, I can’t believe it’s almost spring break already. Graduation is right around the corner as well, and as I look back at my time spent at WWU I can’t help but think of all the classes I’ve taken here, and after switching majors (3 times) that’s a lot of classes. I can easily say that out of all those classes, Digital marketing provided me with the most applicable skills, ones that I will carry with me and use continuously throughout my career.

It seems to me that, up until digimark, most marketing classes didn’t actually prepare me for an actual job. They just taught me the framework that made marketing what it is, and while there was some valuable information provided by those classes, digimark was the only class that forced me to do the work of a modern marketer. I think my favorite part of this course was the certifications that took the place of tests, they provided me with easily applicable skills and knowledge of the major tools that marketers use today.

Here’s a quick rundown of just some of the things I can do for you as your digital marketer.

  • Manage multiple social media accounts and campaigns, and provide analytic insight about them via hootsuite
  • Provide valuable analytical insight via Google Analytics
  • Run A/B testing on marketing efforts such as ad campaigns, landing pages and website design.
  • Leverage content marketing to bring additional leads and customers.
  • Help you reach and connect to a wider audience through proper social media techniques.
  • Utilize email marketing to expand your reach and acquire leads
  • Help your marketing and sales teams to work better together.
  • Optimize your website to get better organic search results
  • Utilize sponsored ads to reach customers who are looking for what you offer.

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