Thursday 3/5 Google Analytics Individual Qualification Practice Exam

I can’t believe how fast this quarter has gone by, it seems like just yesterday we took the Hootsuite certification. And now here we are, one week left and the Google Analytics Individual Qualification is right around the corner.

Now I will admit that I had been sort of ignoring this certification for the past few weeks, it just always seemed so far away, but now the end is nigh. The GAIQ is easily the most important certification offered by this class, and from what I’ve seen so far, it’s the most difficult of the three. There is much more to learn about Google analytics than Hootsuite or Hubspot.

So in order to be more prepared for the exam, I will take a practice GAIQ exam. This one was found by a classmate and seems to be pretty comprehensive. In order to get a rough, I mean really rough baseline, I will be taking the practice test with only having watched a few of the first lessons, and the GA platform principles. For the sake of time I will be going with my gut feeling on most questions, and try to answer questions as quick as possible. Results will follow below.

The practice exam took me about 30 minutes to complete, which isn’t truly representative of the actual exam, since I would not rush through it like I did with this practice one. I scored 58 out of 72 (~77%) but due to the nature of this practice exam and its use of partial credit, my actual score was closer to 55%. I pretty much expected to get a score close to that, because I still have much more studying to do.

This practice exam gave me a good idea of what to expect from the GAIQ, and opened my eyes to the types of questions it would feature. Almost half of the questions on this practice exam were true/false while the rest were multiple-choice questions, most of which had more than one correct response. One thing I didn’t expect to be so prevalent was the requirement to know the code snippets of GA. For example, one question gave you four options of what the correct tracking code should look like, and each one looked similar with only a few minor differences. There were two correct answers, differentiated by the placement of a number within the code.

The practice exam pretty much confirmed what I expected; I am not quite ready for the actual exam and need to study intensely. I plan on creating a study guide to use during the exam, to help for the really tough questions.